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I saw on youtube a video uploaded by AlphaOmegaSin (… ) titled "

Law and Order SVU vs Gamergate

and it is apparently about a new episode of Law And Order SVU where it starts off with the detectives at a VideoGame convention

and there is a female game publisher running a booth, she go's to the bathroom to be jumped by 2 guys who she had seen not minutes before.

I will be writing down my reactions to this episode of Law And Order as I see them so if you wish to view it yourself before reading this then here's the link to Hulu

Starts off with Olivia at a therapist (I think? I havnt watched it in a while) Talking about her adopted son, seems normal for LaO.

Were at the game convention now, okay, Fin is playing this made up FPS, fast forward a bit and they're all staring at this big monitor


Ahem... moving on. The woman go's to the bathroom and gets jumped, she lives and is found by Amanda.

Cut to opening credits

Typical jabber, interviewing the victim... bla bla bla nothing remarkable

about 5 minutes pass, they think they found their culprits over a forum, they cant track the IP so they inform the guy who gave them the
information about the forum to help them track the guys who wrote the incriminating comments down. The guy doesnt want to help at first
but they say they can arrest him if he doesnt help them.... by invoking the "Son Of Sam" Law.... I googled the son of sam law and I dont
see how this law pertains to this situation...  sounds a bit like corruption O-O

Okay they tricked the suspects to meet them in person (Obviously not telling them one of the 2 guys coming to meet the perps is a cop)
Alright they got the 2 guys. Now what? ... the publisher woman picks the perps out of a line up and the arrest go viral

Some comments on the interwebs... UUUUUUUUGH WTF Jesus Christ I know the internet can be a horrible place full of a bunch of horrible people but wtf!?
Watch for yourselves im not copying what they put for comments.

Holy shit O_O I assume you all know what "Swatting" is? Well.. yeah they did that on the show.

((For those who don't know what "Swatting" is, it is calling the police on some one during a live stream and having a SWAT team burst into their home in the middle of the stream))

The detectives go down to her apartment and the publisher's fiance tells the detectives of specific threats against the publisher, the detectives insist that the
launch of the publisher's game be postponed but she cant because some representatives from 18 different countries will be at the launch for a big live stream.

Okay the live stream is starting... the detectives are spread through out the building, and the publisher is walking out on stage...
People are beginning to point laser pointers at her forehead and chest to simulate sniper dots.... laser idiots are kicked out of the theater and suddenly the lights go out.
Bangs akin to gunshots can be heard and a modified voice calls out "bitches will die!" "No social justice in gaming!" and "Get out now or you will all be destroyed!"
aaaaand when the lights go back on the publisher is missing.

She can be seen on the security cameras she's back stage being abducted by a fake security officer.

They catch the fake guard and the publisher is gone, a large monitor above the street you can see the publisher with 2 masked men, the fake guard says he was told they were only going to grief her with smoke bombs and such, he says they are in a white van and conveniently a white van drives by as he says that.

They cut forward, they find the van, its empty. They head down into the building near the van.... they find a bloody looking banner with a grenade with a skull inside that says K.O.B.S.
And they find a phone with a video. The video is of the 2 masked men ripping open her shirt and slapping her with the over lay "Level Completed" 

We cut to the publisher bloodied but alive. The guy says to the camera "All you bitches, you're on notice." and they cut back to the detective office.....
The detectives find a live video feed of the assailants raping the publisher. 

I honestly wasn't offended untill this bit, from what I heard they were portraying all gamers as misogynistic bastards but I just dont see that,
they even have one of the detectives, Fin ("Ice-T") be an avid gamer, so yeah.

They cut forward to the publisher clothed and even bloodier than before, basically repeating what these masked men have been saying in their video clips the whole episode.

They find an IP adress to the mother of one of the masked men and they find the location that the raping took place. They now have the mother in questioning.

They are baiting the cops by having the Publisher call them saying she stole one of the perps cell phones but she is clearly shown to have a gun to her head.

The cops and SWAT are outside a garage that the publisher described over the phone, they hear a machine gun or some kind of rapid firing of bullets and they rush in with flash bangs.

They rescued the publisher, but the perps made it look as if she was holding a gun to the cops by taping a 20-Gauge in her hands pointed at the door, thankfully the detectives
were first and no shots were fired (as of yet)

They go to the roof, there are 3 guys, one of them admits to lowering the proxy so the cops could track them, 2 other guys who, according to the guy who lowered the proxy, are mentally disturbed.
One of the perps is lowering his gun, back facing Fin, but as he's half way to the ground he quickly turns around but before the perp can shoot the gun Fin shoots the perp in the chest.
Cut back to the office and Olivia puts Fin on "Administrative Duty" for a few days, but doesn't have to give up his gun and shield.

The publisher is broken but alive, and quits the gaming business.



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